About Us

We responsively provide business and management consulting for healthcare providers and related business. Our team provides educational services, namely, conducting classes, conferences, e-learning programs, interviews, podcasts, seminars and webinars in the field of healthcare management.


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Our Goal

  • #1 leading source in the field of healthcare management.

    In-House Webinar Facilitation Management

    Let us manage your organization’s webinars. We handle management of speaker schedules, webinar marketing, webinar execution, and data-driven followup.


    Responsively Designed Webinars

    Organizational performance assessment in a specific program area, followed up with customized training that speaks to identified needs.


    Broad Customer Base

    Hospitals, Trade Associations, Universities, and Government Agencies depend on us to support professional development and help them meet continuing education goals.


    Live In-Person Training

    Program-focused sessions delivered live and webinar-based on best practices and emerging best practices led by qualified instructors.


    Distance Learning Webinars

    Program-focused training, but responsively constructed to your organization needs, based upon a pre- and even post- training assessment.


    Interdisciplinary Approach to Education

    Coordination and planning of webinars and seminars on topics such as financial management, health system transformation, and information technology.


    Effective Use of Technology

    We’re developing an expanding content library of webinars, interviews, recorded seminars, podcasts and articles packed with key insights for management and leadership of our partner organizations.


    Organizational Assessment

    Operational assessment of your organization, to create a customized and responsively designed corporate-sponsored training for the management team of your healthcare organization.

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