2024 Healthcare Workforce Dynamics: Strategies For Recruitment, Retention And Excellence

Event Description

2024 Healthcare Workforce Dynamics: Strategies For Recruitment, Retention And Excellence

Welcome to The Healthcare Executive’s featured program, ‘2024 Healthcare Workforce Dynamics: Strategies For Recruitment, Retention And Excellence.’  Hosted by our CEO, Greg Wahlstrom, this initiative offers modern healthcare leaders comprehensive strategies to significantly improve workforce management within their organizations.  This program explores strategic approaches to address both current and forthcoming challenges and opportunities in workforce management.  Emphasis is placed on the important role of leadership, the transformative impact of technology, and the foundational practices that nurture effective workforce cultures in healthcare settings.  As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, The Healthcare Executive is committed to equipping you with the essential knowledge and tools needed to lead and innovate in workforce management.  Our aim is to ensure that effective and efficient staffing models are consistently developed and implemented at every organizational level.  We invite you to explore the detailed agenda on our website, which outlines the key topics covered in this program.  We encourage you to engage with this material at your pace and convenience, enriching your understanding and expertise in workforce management.  Thank you for your interest in our program.  We look forward to supporting your journey towards enhancing workforce management and achieving excellence in healthcare leadership.  This comprehensive program is designed to equip healthcare leaders with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate and excel in the complex field of workforce management, ensuring that their organizations are prepared to meet both current and future healthcare demands effectively.


With this webinar, you will gain insight and tactics to:

  • Defining Workforce Challenges
  • Governance and Workforce Management
  • Leadership and Culture
  • Technological Advances in Workforce Management
  • Data Analytics and Workforce Planning
  • Compliance and Regulatory Frameworks
  • Recruitment and Retention Strategies
  • Workforce Management in Clinical Practice
  • Communication and Workforce Engagement


  • Greg Wahlstrom, MBA, HCM, President & Chief Executive Officer, The Healthcare Executive


  • The Healthcare Executive


Program Date/ Time:
Wednesday May 1, 2024 – 12PM-2PM (Central Standard Time)

Built Process

12:00 PM - Introduction

12:10PM - Begin Course

1:30PM - Q & A

Open up the floor for Questions and Answers from the audience

1:45PM - Final Remarks

2PM - End of Course

Event Ticket Price - **FREE**