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Spearheading Healthcare Innovation as CEO of The Healthcare Executive Greg Wahlstrom, with his remarkable 25-year journey in healthcare, business, and marketing, stands at the helm of The Healthcare Executive as its CEO. His extensive experience and visionary leadership have been paramount in steering the organization to new heights in the evolving world of healthcare management. As the driving force behind The Healthcare Executive, Wahlstrom has applied his profound understanding of the healthcare sector, particularly in managed care, to navigate and lead the organization through the challenges and opportunities of an ever-changing industry landscape. His strategic guidance has been essential in establishing The Healthcare Executive as a leader in healthcare education and innovation. Wahlstrom’s diverse experience across various sectors, including managing both single and multi-service corporations, as well as overseeing strategic ventures such as partnerships, joint ventures, mergers, and acquisitions, aligns with The Healthcare Executive’s ethos of adaptability and comprehensive leadership. Under his leadership, The Healthcare Executive has seen significant growth and transformation. Wahlstrom’s strategic acumen in business operations and his ability to drive revenue growth reflect his commitment to not only maintaining but also elevating The Healthcare Executive’s standing in the healthcare community. Known for his balanced approach to administration and management, Wahlstrom has been instrumental in developing and implementing strategic plans that have propelled The Healthcare Executive to the forefront of healthcare management. His leadership style is a blend of innovation, ethical integrity, and collaborative spirit, mirroring the core values of The Healthcare Executive. A communicator par excellence and a skilled team builder, Wahlstrom’s leadership ethos is centered around fostering an environment of mutual respect, ethical practice, and teamwork – principles that are integral to The Healthcare Executive’s mission. His breadth of expertise encompasses important areas such as Health Care Management, Health Care Business Law, Health Care Human Capital Management, among others, showcasing his alignment with The Healthcare Executive’s comprehensive and forward-thinking approach. In his capacity as CEO, Greg Wahlstrom is not merely leading The Healthcare Executive; he is actively shaping the contours of healthcare leadership, ensuring that the organization remains at the forefront of innovation and excellence in healthcare management.

  • M.B.A, HCM, Business Administration & Healthcare Management, University of Phoenix
  • B.S.B.A, Business Administration, University of Phoenix
  • A.A., Liberal Arts, Rock Valley College


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    I attended Greg\'s webinar: \"Marketing and Money-Linking New Products, Services, and ROI in Healthcare\". He coordinated, organized and facilitated the presentation wonderfully. The presenters were well versed in their respective topics and the materials were very easy to follow. I would definitely encourage anyone to participate in his future webinars if you would like to gain more knowledge on the various topics surrounding healthcare.

    Cory Cormier, Jr., MPA
    Insurance Producer at Alex J Bellow Allstate Agency
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    Greg possesses many positive and encouraging qualities that assisted him with the webinar \"Career Positioning Strategically Mapping Your Executive Career Development\". This webinar was most informative and I learned how to position myself for future advancement. Greg always reminds members of exciting educational opportunities as they arise and sends frequent messages for events the members have signed up to attend.

    Denise Frank
    Executive Leader in Healthcare
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    Greg did an outstanding job of coordinating the Strategic Planning Webinar. This was a great idea for those of us who don\'t have an active chapter near.

    Garry Parlier
    Owner at Parlier Consulting
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    Greg is an outstanding resource. He has prepared several informative and engaging presentations for the Illinois ACHE chapter. In a recent seminar he outlined practices for partnering two organizations into an ACO model. His work detailed contracting, clinical guidelines, patient engagement and electronic medical records. I am pleased to recommend Greg. His professional knowledge and commitment to organizational success is highly valued.

    Robert Baldwin
    Facility Administrator at DaVita
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    I am pleased to offer this endorsement of Greg Wahlstrom. I have interacted with Mr. Wahlstrom on a number of occasions, both through and on behalf of the American College of Healthcare Executives. I served that organization as Regent for the Metropolitan Chicago Area for 3 years. My interactions with Greg confirm that he is an intelligent, well motivated individual who\'s principles are fully consistent with those of the ACHE. Mr. Wahlstrom has worked hard to expand upon his managerial and administrative skills and has demonstrated a deep and abiding interest in contributing to the field of health care administration.

    David Manchester
    Interim President
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    Mr. Greg is a true asset toward the National Administrative Fellowship Association, LLC initiative. His speedy and reliable communication as well as detailed analytical eye is sure to aid any prospective administrator in there journey toward career success. Mr. Greg as well as the Fellowship Association come highly recommended.

    Christopher L Owens, MPA MPM
    Perspective Fellow
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    I attended a workshop provided by Greg\'s company, and I was really impressed with the type of information given to me in support of obtaining a fellowship position in my field. Greg is quite knowledgeable about this profession.

    Lorina Gasper, MBA
    Litigation Paralegal
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    I had the pleasure to work closely with Greg in 2012 as part of a panel discussion regarding hospital acquired infections. Greg was very professional, detail-oriented and easy to work with. Compiling panel content and coordinating multiple speakers can be challenging, but Greg managed the process and presentation flawlessly.

    Lisa Boesen MAOM, CMC, PHR
    Certified Master Coach
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    I am truly impressed by Greg\'s knowledge, previous experience and ability to provide sound guidance in building a structure to support educational activities (Face-2-Face and/or Qualified Credits) at my local ACHE chapter. The tools, strategies, and processes that Greg provided will help us tremendously to provide the support that our members need to maintaining their ACHE credentials. I highly recommend Greg to anyone seeking ideas on \"best practices\" for education needs in your local chapters, greater membership enrollments, and greater outreach to and satisfaction of membership.

    Mike Nagra
    Director, Optimization
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    I worked with Greg in the preparation and delivery of an ACHE program titled \"Using the Malcolm Baldrige Criteria to Improve Your Organizations Performance and Quality\". His coordination provided an exceptional learning opportunity for all attendees. He was a great resource and collaboration partner for this event. I look forward to working with Greg again in the future.

    Christian Ray
    System Leader Talent Strategy at SSM Health
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    Greg Wahlstrom is an excellent example of a Healthcare executive. He displayed and splendid job as the presenter of the “Sustaining A Financially Vibrant Healthcare Organization” Educational Webinar. Greg has great business acumen, very accountable, well-organized, and is an eloquent speaker. I recommend Greg for his excellent communication, marketability, and healthcare administration management skills.

    Daniel Addison, MSHI
    M.S. Health Informatics
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    It is with pleasure and confidence that I endorse Greg Wahlstrom for his stellar project management and marketing competencies. For the March 19, 2014 ACHE-Central Illinois Chapter Webinar entitled “Sustaining a Financially Vibrant Healthcare Organization,” Greg did an amazing job of organizing and marketing the event. As one of thousands of participants for this particular event, I received several email reminders regarding the event. The actual webinar was outstanding and informed all attendees on the importance of, among other things, keeping abreast with industry trends, competitors, and regulatory requirements. Within one week after the webinar, Greg took the time to convert the webinar into a YouTube video. He then emailed the link to the YouTube video to all participants, along with a copy of the webinar’s 23-slide presentation and instructions on how participants could receive ACHE Category II continuing education credit for attending the event. In my estimation, Greg’s work on this webinar and the after-webinar deliverables required finely honed project management, marketing and information technology acumen. I will be certain to attend any future webinars that Greg Wahlstrom organizes. Greg’s a credit to his local ACHE chapter and to the American College of Healthcare Executives.

    Dr. Frank H. Stubbs III, FACHE
    Adjunct Professor of Health Administration
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    Greg did a good job putting this informative webinar together that will make a positive difference in the healthcare industry. Thank you Greg!

    Daniel Arzet
    Healthcare Professional
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    The role of Greg as a facilitator/organizer of the webinar “Marketing and Money - Linking New Products, Services and ROI in Healthcare\" was exceptional. The webinar was very well organized and the presenting speakers demonstrated their expertise in the subject matter. The content of the webinar (implementation strategies for strategic decisions) will be extremely beneficial for measuring effectiveness as well as cost benefits in healthcare organizations. Through this webinar, I gained valuable insight into the marketing activities and strategies to improve return on investments (ROI) and how to measure ROI on customer insights. Greg is highly dedicated to bringing others towards an awareness of the key elements that are needed to move their careers towards an executive position. This was evidenced from the collaboration and group interaction (question/answer section of the webinar). I strongly recommend attending the webinars organized by Greg as they are very informative and can be valuable tools in progressing one’s career in healthcare

    Fariborz Sani
    St. Peter\'s Hospital
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    I have worked with Greg as an LPN in the nursing home setting for the past 2 years. Greg has great interest in the administrative end of this business and contributed to the preparation of the monthly resident newsletter. He is always upbeat and spreads this to the residents under his care. He always does well organizing his time and carrying out his duties. The residents and staff enjoy Greg’s friendly personality which is always a plus in this environment. Greg’s outgoing and positive attitude would be a great asset to any administrative position.

    Bonnie David
    LPN at Provena Health
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    Greg was my classmate while working on my Master\'s at University of Phoenix. Greg is a hard worker and very determine to make sure that he strives for the best. I noticed that Greg is a great leader and teacher because of these qualifications that he has shown to me; Greg knows how to begin a project and he does make sure that it is completed within the deadline. Greg has a professional background that encompasses him to prove his ability to effectively lead people and manage resources in fast-paced and detail-oriented environment. Greg is computer-oriented with accounting processing, computer literate with a variety of programs and software. Greg knows how to evaluate individual and group productivity with ongoing operations, management and service support. I was excited to be able to work on the same team with Greg in our Finance and Health Care class, because I was able to learn a lot from him. I am honored to recommend Greg Wahlstrom for the position he is applying for at your company.

    Alesha Lasseigne, MBA,HCM
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    As a hospital controller for 21 years and a student at the University of Phoenix for over 5 years, I have worked with professionals and students of all calibers. Rarely have I had the opportunity to work with an individual who contributes so much to learning. I am honored to recommend Greg Wahlstrom for a position at your company. In addition to integrity and his genuine concern for others, Greg represents an exemplary student. In the discipline Applied Business Research and Statistics in Health Care, I have found his contributions to class discussions relevant and informative in a manner that motivates subsequent research and learning. In addition, Greg’s characteristics and qualities enable him to demonstrate excellent leadership in a group environment. When you employ Greg, you will find that his work standards deliver output that is accurate, concise, comprehensive, and timely. If you would like to contact me regarding a well-rounded and serious candidate, you are welcome to contact me at [email protected]. Sincerely, Lynn R Enquist MBA Student at John G. Sperling School of Business University of Phoenix Online Campus Bachelor of Science in Business Accounting [email protected] [email protected]

    Lynn Enquist
    Experienced Accounting Manager with MBA
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    While I\'ve never had the pleasure of working with Greg I did have the privilege of getting to know him and assist him in his educational endeavors at UOP. Greg is a real, no nonsense, go-getter! He is full of exciting ideas and is the ideal candidate for any organization for executive leadership. Greg is a natural leader and has always gone out of his way to help others achieve their goals and dreams many times even before he focuses on his own. I would choose to work under Greg\'s leadership any day as his focus and drive for success simply motivates and encourages me to be the very best I can be.

    Mike Baier
    InfoSec, Risk Management, and Vendor Governance
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    Greg was my classmate while getting my Bachelor Degree in Business Administration. I was lucky to be in the same learning team with him. During the short period of working together as a team, I observed that Greg is a good leader because of the following qualifications; • He initiates a project and takes it to completion within the specified deadline. • His professional background encompasses a proven ability to effectively lead people and manage resources in fast-paced and detail-oriented environment. • He is technically proficient in computer-oriented accounting processing. • He is computer literate with a variety of systems and software. • He evaluates individual and group productivity and efficiency in ongoing operations, management and service support. • He performs troubleshooting and problem solving. • He can identify root causes of problems and develop appropriate solutions to mitigate perceived or actual concerns. • He establishes and maintains rapport with individuals spanning full spectrum of backgrounds and experience levels. • Clear and articulate speaker. • At ease in one-on-one and group discussions. He definitely can define priorities and ensure compliance with goals, objectives and deadlines. • He believes that “Teamwork” approach to operations enhances effectiveness in motivating team member to meet or exceed expectations and requirement. • Greg has well developed communication and interpersonal relations skills. • On a personal level, he possesses good quality as a person; he is patient, generous, compassionate, and kind. Greg is a well-rounded professional with an established reputation for dedication, self-motivation and persistence. His professional experience and education, disciplined him to be professional in dealing with people. He is enthusiastic and always gives considerable pride in the quality of his job. I have a strong believe he can successfully coordinate with subordinates, peers and management at all levels. Greg is motivated professional with strong track records for consistency, accuracy and attention to detail. As a result, I am confident in recommending Greg as a potential candidate for management position with your company.

    Meriam Olson
    Independent Business Associates at Talk Fusion
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    I’m thrilled for the opportunity to share what a pleasure it is to work with Greg Wahlstrom. This is a young professional I will be keeping an eye on. Greg and I work on a health care team and he is a delight to collaborate with for patient safety and care planning. Greg has the ability to work with integrity along the entire spectrum from care planning to the management of care-giving. I appreciate his energy and in sites and attention to the details which mean so much to patient quality of living. He is the person who often makes the difference between just surviving a work week and experiencing joy in the journey. His leadership is evident in both his personal time management and his team organization. He has the ability to consistently bring professional expertise to all work situations and our team responds to his energy and leadership. Greg would be a credit to any management team.

    Sandi Adams
    Author/Publisher at Discover Your Dream (No matter how long it takes)

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