Enhancing Patient Safety in 2024: A C-Suite Comprehensive Strategies for Healthcare Leaders

Event Description

Enhancing Patient Safety in 2024: A C-Suite Comprehensive Strategies for Healthcare Leaders

Step into the dynamic field of healthcare leadership with The Healthcare Executive’s signature program: ‘Enhancing Patient Safety in 2024: A C-Suite Perspective.’ Led by our CEO, Greg Wahlstrom, this initiative is crafted for proactive healthcare leaders dedicated to advancing patient safety within their organizations.

Venture through an array of strategic methods that tackle both present and oncoming patient safety challenges. The program illuminates the decisive role of leadership, the revolutionary impact of technological advancements, and the fundamental practices that reinforce robust patient safety cultures in healthcare facilities.

In response to the ever-changing healthcare sector, The Healthcare Executive is focused on arming you with the latest knowledge and tools vital for steering patient safety innovations. We aspire to enable you to exceed the rigorous standards of patient care and safety at the forefront of your operation.

We welcome you to browse the comprehensive agenda on our website, featuring the significant topics that constitute this educational program. We value your participation and insight—immerse yourself in this content at your leisure, broadening your proficiency and expertise in patient safety.

We honor your commitment to improving healthcare leadership and look forward to facilitating your journey. Enroll in our transformative program, and let’s navigate together toward a future where patient safety excellence is the benchmark, and healthcare leadership is synonymous with progress.


With this webinar, you will gain insight and tactics to:

  • Defining Patient Safety
  • Governance and Patient Safety
  • Leadership and Culture
  • Technological Advances in Patient Safety
  • Data Analytics and Patient Safety
  • Compliance and Regulatory Frameworks
  • Risk Management Strategies
  • Patient Safety in Clinical Practice


Greg Wahlstrom, MBA, HCM, President & Chief Executive Officer, The Healthcare Executive


The Healthcare Executive


Program Time:
7:30AM – 11:30AM (Central Standard Time)

Enhancing Patient Safety in 2024: A C-suite Perspective Comprehensive Strategies for Modern Healthcare Leaders

Built Process

7:30am - Introduction

7:40AM - Begin Course

Begin Course

11:00AM - Q & A Session

Open the floor for Questions and Answers from the audience

11:45AM - Final Remarks

Finals Remarks

11:30AM - End of Course

End of Program

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