Heather Choye, MATP

Live Laugh Love Life Coaching, PRESIDENT & CEO

Heather Choye is a transformative life coach, speaker, writer, and mentor. Heather helps people who are on the brink of transition, move through their fears and limiting beliefs, to create the balanced life they desire. She loves learning about what makes people thrive and is interested in all the parts of life that make people come alive. Heather helps her clients understand that part of growing into the life they love, means letting go of the parts they don’t. Nothing lights her up like helping people identify what’s holding them back and developing a plan to break through those restrictions so they can accomplish their desires and flourish!   Heather specializes in assisting major life transitions such as: career, relationship, personal identity development, relocation, and self-care. Heather helps clients learn how to invest their time wisely. She uses a unique process to transform clients into experts of their own lives through defining values, setting goals, and teaching tested practices to set clients up for lasting success. Clients create their ideal life by using a tested process, based on researched data, to feel less stressed and optimize happiness. What makes Heather unique, is the training and techniques that she gained in her graduate program in Transpersonal Psychology. Heather acquired knowledge and experience in compassion cultivation training, Cognitive Emotive Behavioral Therapy, mindfulness training, creative expression, reflective somatic sensation practices, visualization exercises and non-denominational meditation. Her thesis was on increasing well-being, through internal as opposed to external goals, which she pulls on in her practice.

  • Sofia University, Palo Alto -MA, Transpersonal Psychology, Specialization Life Coaching
  • University of California, Santa Cruz - B.A., Psychology



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