Delivering A Secure Cloud Based Solution Model For Small Physician Practitioners Practice Management System

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Healthcare providers need information technology solutions that can provide the maximum security required, and integration and interoperability of its healthcare information systems like the practice management (PM) system. The significant financial cost of implementing, maintaining, and having inadequate resources to support an in-house traditional information technology paradigm has cause healthcare providers to evaluate, invest, and embark on advanced technologies like the secure Cloud bases services for its medical practices. Over the past decade, practices have been interested in the evolution of Cloud based computing services because of its flexibility, security, and scalability. In addition, the health information exchange (HIE) groups facilitated the need for practices to integrate practice management systems with clinical information systems to improve exchanging workflow processes pertinent for better care coordination. It is claimed that a secure Cloud based service model can provide effective and efficient security needed for a small physician practice to meet the meaningful use (MU) stage requirements, and stay in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA) of regulations and standards. For practitioners to better streamline their clinical workflow processes and easily manage clinical user access with security and flexibility, the selection of a secure Cloud based service solution seems to be the appropriate choice for them to attain these specific objectives. However, transitioning to the secure cloud based solution model from a privacy and security perspective present some challenges for small physician practitioners and healthcare organizations. Going forward, this document will discuss the secure Cloud based services reliability, compliance with healthcare regulation and legislation, technology, and organizational factors for small physician practices to adopt.

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