HHS Final Rule Clarifying Eligibility for DACA Recipients

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On May 16, 2024, the Biden-Harris Administration finalized policies to expand health coverage for DACA recipients. This rule allows DACA recipients to enroll in health insurance programs like Medicaid, CHIP, and the Health Insurance Marketplace. By broadening eligibility, the administration addresses disparities and ensures that more individuals receive essential healthcare services, promoting health equity and financial protection.

These finalized policies mark a significant advancement in the administration’s efforts to support the health and well-being of all residents, regardless of immigration status. By broadening eligibility for health coverage, the administration addresses longstanding disparities and ensures that more individuals can receive the care they need without financial hardship. This move reflects the broader goal of creating an inclusive healthcare system that supports the health of every individual in the country.

The administration’s actions highlight its commitment to advancing comprehensive healthcare access and reducing barriers to essential services. By including DACA recipients in these health coverage programs, the administration not only improves individual health outcomes but also strengthens community health as a whole. For more details, visit the CMS press release.

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