Healthcare Executive Career Management in a Web 2.0 Era


The growth of social networking Web sites has been rapid both in their extent of use and in their transformation from informal socializing into media integral to career management. However, healthcare executives must understand that employing social networking media offers advantages and disadvantages.


This program examines the current and emerging employment market for healthcare executives from the organization’s and the job seeker’s viewpoints. The session will also explore how Web 2.0 social networking strategies, tactics and tools offer career management opportunities and challenges.


Join Central Illinois American College of Healthcare Executives and Cheryl Burbach, Cody Burch, Jamie Oaker, Christine Ricci and Greg Wahlstrom for this 90-minute webinar, including Q&A, to service-line strategies to thrive in an competitive industry.


With this course, you will gain insight and tactics to:

• Review the function of Web 2.0 social networking and its implications for hiring authorities and job seekers.
• Recap the local healthcare executive employment market and the tool, tactics, and strategies that organizations are using to attract top talent.
• Identify the technical elements of using Web 2.0 tools for a job search
• Identify the technical elements of using social media to find candidates
• Address the future of employee recruitment as Web 2.0 tools become more widespread


Cheryl Burbach, JD, Partner at Hovey Williams LLP
Cody Burch, MBA, ACC, Associate VP Interim Leadership, B.E. Smith
Jamie Oakes, BBA, Vice President, B.E. Smith
Christine Ricci, MBA., VP of Marketing Strategy, Public Relations and Alliances, B.E. Smith
Greg Wahlstrom, MBA, HCM, President & CEO, The Healthcare Executive


Hovey Williams LLP
B.E. Smith
Central Illinois Chapter of ACHE


As an independent chartered Chapter of the American College of Healthcare Executives Central Illinois Chapter of ACHE is authorized to award 1.5 hour of Qualified continuing education credit toward advancement or recertification in the American College of Healthcare Executives. Participants in this program who wish to have it considered for Qualified Education (non-ACHE) credit should list their attendance when they apply to the American College of Healthcare Executives for advancement or recertification.


Cost for this program are completely “FREE” to healthcare professionals

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